Sayaka Kanda died suddenly

Sayaka Kanda died suddenly

Matsuda is still in a state where he cannot accept this reality.

On the 18th, Seiko Matsuda (59)’s eldest daughter and actress Sayaka Kanda fell from the upper floors of a hotel in Sapporo and died. She is 35 years old. The Hokkaido Police are investigating both her suicide and the accident, and Seiko’s agency commented on the official website as follows. The dinner show scheduled to be held in Tokyo on the 19th has been cancelled.

There is no word to think of Seiko’s sadness when she lost her daughter, but some sports newspapers reported that she called her father Masaki Kanda (70) just before her fall and celebrated her birthday. There was a conversation to celebrate. Sayaka was born in 1986 as the eldest daughter of Masaki Kanda and Seiko Matsuda. She was staying in Sapporo for the performance of the musical “My Fair Lady”, which she starred in.

■ Girls’ Generation who was alone

Seiko Matsuda Watcher veteran entertainment reporter Yoshihiro Aoyama says this.

Seiko will be sad. Still, when Sayaka was young, she was alone when she needed the most love and asylum of her mother, and she was a roller until it got dark in the park. I think of how I was playing with the blade. I think my neighbors felt sorry for me, I was offering juice or something. I repeatedly transferred to another school and graduated from a part-time high school where I couldn’t even make friends. Even then, Seiko didn’t even appear at the graduation ceremony. When Sayaka didn’t invite Seiko to her wedding party, I couldn’t help but think of her complicated heart. “

Mr. Aoyama interviewed Seiko’s dinner show held at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa in Tokyo on the 15th, 16th and 18th of this month, and witnessed her smiling at her full face.

“Her Seiko’s fan service is amazing. Behind the scenes of such a glittering world, it’s hard to say how much Sayaka has been worried, suffering and lonely since she was a child.”

Introductory scene of “Sayaka de-su”
A female editor of Seiko fans for many years says.

It was decided that she would respond by waving her hand to “Sayaka Kanda”. But when Sayaka disappeared, she was spotlighted by a remarried dentist man sitting on the second floor.

Or, it was called “H-san”. Therefore, we, the audience, also called out “H-san” and waved their hands all at once, following her Seiko-san. Everyone wondered what to do when the divorce with Mr. H was revealed, but the next person who appeared in the introduction corner was Mr. Fuyuki Moto. As expected, a bitter smile spread at this time. “

“Seiko is a Yuigadokuson type, and both her family and her husband are to decorate themselves. In contrast to Akina Nakamori’s fans who want to help Akina, she is the first to shine. Prioritize above all else. I think fans will be drawn to such a strong place. “

Seiko will have a dinner show in Osaka from the 23rd to the 26th, and will participate in the NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen for the 25th time on New Year’s Eve on the 31st. Her red and white is also the setting for her memories of her mother-daughter appearance twice (2011 and 2014).

Only her sadness of losing her Sayaka is irreparable.